A look inside the Maison Kitsuné Hong Kong flagship store

Following the success of its” Maison Kitsuné Gallery “, the brand’s first-ever pop-up shop in Hong Kong inaugurated last March 2015, Maison Kitsuné settles down in the city for good with the opening of its first Maison Kitsuné Hong Kong flagship store.

Located in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, alongside Camper and other fashion retailers, the store features a glossy ceramic tile facade. Opting for an oriental take that remains true to the brand’s ethos, the store is decorated with Chinese traditional lanterns, ceramic vases and bamboo cabinets, with equal touches of both whimsy and elegance.

Be sure to check out Maison Kitsuné Hong Kong when you are around the neighborhood.

Maison Kitsuné Hong Kong
G/F, Shop A,
5-7 Cleveland Street,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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