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our kapok crew twinning in elba necklaces in black and white

our kapok crew twinning in elba necklaces in black and white

twin within is another fashion brand, alongside matter, that treads the perfect balance of modern, simple and iconic design blended with a social impact story that never compromises quality. While matter takes care of your conscious sartorial needs, twin within complements your matter jumpsuit or top with necklaces of the same ethnic vibe.

We chat with kristin mariella, founder of the brand, to learn about the brand and how the name, that is in line with our twins theme, came about.

founder, kristin mariella, icelander based in singapore

founder, kristin mariella, icelander based in singapore

1. How did you come up with the name Twin Within?

originally it was me and my sister who founded Twin Within, in Iceland early 2013. Even though we are 8 years apart we totally look the same and people would mistake us for twins all the time, so we wanted to play around with that a little bit and the fact that it was the two of us starting this together.

So we came up with ‘Twin’ quite early and then we got stuck for a while… we wanted to add something to it but didn’t know what exactly. If I remember correctly, I was tying my shoelace at one point, getting ready to leave the house, and it just came to me “within, that’s it! Twin Within!” and that was it 🙂 after our first collection, my sister decided to pursue other interests and i’ve continued with building the brand.

each piece is handmade, with masculine materials you normally won't associate with jewellery

2. What’s the story behind your line of creative jewellery and the use of unconventional materials like rope and rubber tubing?

The inspiration behind the start of Twin Within really comes purely from the materials. The shipping and yachting ropes, and the rubber tubes called so strongly to me, the colours and textures. The material came first and the designs after. I also felt it was very interesting to use such masculine materials to make feminine and beautiful jewelry out of it, the contrast is intriguing.

brass hardware sourced from bali

brass hardware sourced from bali

3. What brought you to Singapore?

We relocated to Singapore from Iceland just over two years ago when my husband got accepted into a one year masters program. We were originally only going to stay here one year and it was also a perfect fit for me since I had been looking for options of ethical production for Twin Within and it was hard to find what I was looking for while being in Iceland, so far away from most production options. We really like Singapore so we decided to stay on.

with mummy's little helper

with mummy’s little helper

4. How did you first got in touch with FOCOLARE and what is it like working with the team of  women in the Philippines?

I started looking at production opportunities for Twin Within as soon as we moved to Singapore. To be honest I had no idea where to look and I thought it would take me a long time to find what I had in mind. In Iceland I had been hand-making every piece myself, it was a lot of work and I wasn’t able to sustain it.

But when you have worked so close with your own product, the process becomes very personal to you. I knew that I could not have my pieces made in a large factory in China, they had to be hand-made, with love and care by people that were treated well and fairly for their work.

By sheer luck I stumbled up on a small ad that said something about women hand-making items in the Philippines, it caught my interest so I dropped them a line. After few e-mails and a Skype conversation with the manager at Focolaremy husband and i jumped in a plane with our then 9-month-old daughter and headed to Tagaytay, a small mountain village in the Philippines.

We truly had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be the perfect match and soon after our first trip we employed few single mothers to hand-make our necklaces and it has been a ever growing, successful production relationship ever since.

kristin and her family, with focolare team

kristin and her family, with focolare team

5. How did you get connected with Matter?

When Twin Within participated in our first Boutiques Fair at the Pit Building, Matter were selling our lovely products right across the hall, we chatted and got to know each others label and connected on a deep level over the fact that we were passionate about the same issues. Being in this space of conscious fashion and working around that purpose makes you think a bit differently about the world and how you run your business.

Twin Within and Matter have become close since then and we adore and respect each other’s work completely. So for these brands to be featured for kapok’s twins theme is just perfect!

capri necklaces on matter founder, ren and creative director, hanna

capri necklaces on matter founder, ren and creative director, hanna

Thank you Kristin for your time! Discover twin within at our singapore flagship store in ndc, st francis yard store in hong kong and online at our webstore.





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