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we’re into our 11th day of heatwave here in hong kong, but that doesn’t mean we should look sloppy while the temperatures soar. here’s a selection of our menswear new arrivals that will help you embrace summer (even if its 36°C out there).

norse projects | denmark 
mens apparel and unisex accessories
the danish minimal experts bring their signature nordic touch to versatile spring / summer pieces made in the softest pima cotton t-shirts, water-repellent jackets, swim shorts and accessories. now available in all stores and online.
丹麥簡約設計品牌 norse projects 將多變的春夏服飾融入北歐的簡潔風格,有柔軟的匹馬棉 tee 恤、疏水外套、泳褲及飾物,現於所有分店及網店有售。
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mulo | uk
unisex shoes

​with formal becoming more informal and downtime getting smarter, the demands on today’s wardrobe are different, which is why mulo shoes achieve functionality and style in equal measure. personally handpicked by our founder arnault, the brand is designed in london and handmade in portugal through a laborious process that involves more than 100 steps. driven by function, style and craftsmanship, these espadrille-inspired shoes provide comfort that takes you where your life dictates. now available at kapok k11 and sun street and online.

當正式場合的穿著變得沒那麼嚴謹,而大家在 downtime 的時間卻更加悉心打扮自己,現在的穿衣需求已經漸漸改變,這亦是 mulo 在設計鞋履時同時兼顧功能及外型的原因。由 kapok 創辦人 arnault 親手挑選,品牌於倫敦設計,葡萄牙製作,每雙鞋履簡潔的外型背後有超過100個製作步驟。糅合功能性、外型及匠藝三者,這些由草編鞋 espadrille 啟發的 mulo 平底鞋能夠舒適地帶你到所有地方。現於所有k11、日街店及網店有售。

ölend | spain
unisex carry goods
​here comes a new brand we found from barcelona ! started in late 2012, ölend bags are inspired by the spirit of the mountaineers from the 40’and 50’s. all of their items are 100% local handmade with patience and care, there are not two identical backpacks. experience this mediterranean choice of bags in all stores and online
今季又一新品牌是來自巴塞隆納的olend背包,用色版型簡單復古,設計靈感來自四十至五十年代的登山風格。細看每個背包都稍有不同,皆因全數由本地手工縫紉,100%人手細心打造。 現於所有kapok分店及網店有售。

arpenteur | france
mens apparel and accessories

​arpenteur‘s ss18 collection is all about nautical style – loose, boxy cut stripe tees with raw edge finishing. featuring iconic graphics by herge-esque on their designs, you can also find the playful comic prints on their exclusive collaboration with french heritage heroes – paraboot ! available at kapok k11, kapok st francis yard and online.

arpenteur 春夏系列帶著航海 感覺 – 版型寬身、條紋及 自然散口設計。配上丁丁歷險記 插畫家 herge-esque 為品牌設計的卡通,就連今季與 paraboots 的重點聯乘鞋底也能找到插畫,玩味 十足。現於 k11 及進教圍分店及網店有售。

linda farrow x orlebar brown | uk
unisex sunglasses

​now that the sun’s out, it’s time to introduce our eyewear selections from linda farrow this season ! featuring bold, retro frame and gradient lens, find the designer-collaborated collections of orlebar brown, 3.1 phillip lim and matthew williamson at kapok st francis yard and online .

最近天氣陽光普照,正在物色太陽眼鏡的你不要錯過春夏新到店的 linda farrow眼鏡。今季主要走復古、大膽的鏡框風格,亦有大熱的透粉墨鏡,全部來自品牌與不同名設計師的聯乘系列,包括 orlebar brown、 3.1 phillip lim、 matthew williamson等。現於 kapok st francis yard及網店有售。
we’ll be sharing our fathers’ day recommendations next week, but we think some of these would make great presents for him (:
stay cool, hydrated and have a great week ahead !

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